Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Photoshop Bikini

Thought I'd post some of my recent gesture and figure drawings. But before I do...a word about the Photoshop Bikini. A subject of great controversy (in my head).  I realized that I had never posted nude figure drawings before, and at first I really didn't think anything of it. Then I was like, wait, can you post nudity on Blogger, even if it's drawings? I checked their policy, and they basically said: no... no you can't, unless you concede it's porn and let them put an age restriction on it. So, I'm pretty sure I'm just being crazily paranoid (per usual), but I threw on a charcoal brush bikini in Photoshop JUST to be crazy. Does anyone really even care if there are nude drawings on blogs? I hardly ever see anyone post them. If anyone really wants to see the original nude figure drawings, I guess just ask me and I'll email them to you...ok, now that makes them actually sound like porn.

ANYWAYZ, here are the non-nude gesture drawings. First of some sassy 1920s ladies...boy do I hate cigarettes, but god damn do I think cigarette holders are sexy.

Warrior ladies straight out of a Frank Frazetta book cover.


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