Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gaga Ooh La La

As if it were any surprise, my ultimate Post Modern Muse is my long lost fraternal twin sister Lady Gaga. The amount of creativity and boldness that bursts out of her on a daily basis is staggering. Madonna (dare I mention her name in this post) changes her image every couple of years, but Gaga does it every couple of hours. And it's more often than not with sharp wit, a hidden message and a ton of make-up. Her music videos are always an event, mini-movies that explode with high concept. Her live performances are a sight to behold, with enormous elaborate sets and relentless choreography. But when she sits at a piano (which is sometimes on fire, but still), all she needs is her full voice and musical genius to back her crazy sh*# up.

So with all that said (and seeing as how I've listened to each of her songs an almost unhealthy amount of times), it's clear that Lady Gaga is the Post Modern Muse answer to Euterpe, the Ancient Greek Muse of Music. I must admit choosing her outfit was daunting, but I had to go with my absolute favorite performance of hers...or anyone's who has ever performed ever. It's her remixed version of "Paparazzi" on SNL in 2009. Unfortunately, the video of it has been pulled from the interwebs for copyright reasons...but hopefully NBC releases it again somehow, because it is awe-inspiring! Here's an image of her costume at least:

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