Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guardians at Work

Right now I'm working on a super-epic and visually-stunning movie called "Rise of the Guardians" at DreamWorks (coming out November 21, 2012...mark your iCalendars). We recently did a contest to design a T shirt for the Layout department. I thought it would be fun to walk through the MANY stages of Layout...it's pretty ridic how much needs to happen in the pipeline of this one department. Also, these characters are a BLAST draw. It must be said that DreamWorks owns all of these characters, and they have no affiliation with the drawing below (i.e. I don't have a lawyer).

And if you want some context about who these characters are, check out the baller trailer released a while back:


  1. Hey Andrew, Johane here!
    These are great! And oh man, if you're worried about the lawyers, I'm in deeper trouble territory than you are, ha ha!
    I really really like this little comic showing the different steps. Would you give me permission to post it on Tumblr (with proper credit and link back, of course)? You're inspiring me to draw one related to story.

  2. Thanks Johane!! By all means, please repost...gotta get the word out about Guardians everywhere we can! I can't wait to see your comic about Story. Can I repost it here? I still show people the one you did where Jack is pissed that he's not in the first trailer. I guess Trailer #2 made up for that :-)

  3. Nais biz! These are pretty snazzy!

  4. Thanks Bryan! I loooove drawing these characters.