Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Other People's Post Modern Muses

Eventually I'm going to debut my very own Post Modern Muses on this here blog. For a little context, a Post Modern Muse (or Po Mo Muse...or Po Mo Mu) is a public figure that inspires the hell out of you. This Christmas, I drew a Po Mo Muse for each of my family members. After some subtle investigating, I learned which people inspire them to keep going, create things, that kind of stuff.

My mom is very much inspired by the compassion and kind-spirit of Mother Teresa. She's always smiling! Seriously, have you seen a photo of Mother Teresa not smiling? It's weird. I drew her smiling.


My sister Christie's Post Modern Muse is arguably the best actress...ever? With 16 Oscar nominations, she is by far the most nominated Actor in history. And she's probably going to be nominated AGAIN for The Iron Lady this year. Love her!


My brother Jimmy finds the one and only Steve Jobs to be super inspiring. I mean he pretty much revolutionized computers, communication and animation with his vision. Fun fact that I share whenever I get the chance: I have the same birthday as Steve Jobs (February 24). Hollaz!!

Although my Dad did not recognize her, even after several hints and guesses...I'm sticking with Stevie Nicks as his Po Mo Mu. I mean, one of his favorite bands is Fleetwood Mac, he is a baby-boomer, and I really wanted to draw Stevie Nicks.

My uncle Tommy's Po Mo Muse was a little harder to crack. He loves model I went to Google for inspiration. After googling "inventor of trains," I discovered that George Stephenson was the very first person to open a railway line to use steam locomotives. Way to go George Stephenson!


  1. I knew the Stevie Nicks one right away!
    Awesome :)

  2. Thanks! I never realized how big Stevie Nicks' nostrils were. I was like, "Dad look at the nostrils!! Stevie Nicks! Hello!"