Monday, December 5, 2011

Maximum Proactivity

Welcome to my new sketch blog! I'm calling it the Proactive Dreamer Blog because I'm constantly dreaming/imagining of stories and images...and I like to think of myself as a proactive type of guy. SO I wanted to create this blog as a much needed creative outlet/motivator for maximum proactivity. The ridiculously talented Story Artist Dave Pimentel says "Inspiration - Expression = Depression." I say let's get to it!

Speaking of Dave Pimentel, the following drawings are from his Gesture Drawing Class. They're from the last couple of months...because this blog JUST started. But from now on I'll post them as they come. And I'll post other stuff, too! Yay!

First up, a sexy French maid takin a breather. Drawn with my favorite utensil aside from my Cintiq pen...a Tombow pen!

And now a cray cray naked woman...Tombow yo!

A door-door salesmen who has been walking all over the city trying to sell vacuums or something. Hence the HUGE bunion on his toe. Ew. Tombow.

This naked lady was done in Sharpie...because my Tombow ran out of ink :-(

This is the time I tried using this really cool Japanese brush pen...but the ink was really hard to get everything looked kind of dry. But this angel girl on a cloud turned out ok I guess.

Cowgirl who has had enough. Tombow yay!

This Zorro type is so brave...he climbs TNT boxes and stuff. Tom-bow fo sho!

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