Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vulture Counter-Culture

Here's a new sequence that I boarded recently. It stars an animal that I have been intrigued by since I was a kid: the vulture. It surprises me how much I'm fascinated by them actually, because they're pretty infamous for their rather macabre eating habits. But still, I find something regal about their giant wingspans, weird bald heads, and quite fabulous feather collars. In reality though, I'd be severely freaked out if I saw one in the wild...with that intense yet vacant stare of theirs directed at me.

Enter my version of a vulture, Violette. She's not like the other vultures. I like to think of her as a subversion of a subversion, if you will...she is what I imagine Leslie Knope would act like if she were born into the Addams Family.


  1. Nice work Andrew! Great conceit and twist at the end. Solid stuff.

  2. Thanks man! I had a lot of fun coming up with it.