Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gestures Yo!

Pausing Post Modern Muses for this post...but there are more coming. Much more. Tease. But first, a collection of gesture drawings that I did during classes taught by the uber talented Rad Sechrist and Anthony Holden.

Here is a fun Moulin Rouge-y Can-Can Dancer/Rococo Lady. She's rather flirty.

Come hither.

And then there was this dude that was like from Arabian Nights sort of. We pretended that he was being chased by birds. I added red to them to make them stand out in that against the rules?

And lastly, a Saloon Girl that has the leg up (if ya know what I mean) when it comes to playing poker with Cowboys. Again, I messed with the opacity in Photoshop to make her stand out and for him to recede...cause she gonna win (and also because it was originally hard to read).

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